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Construction of 35 water wells in Uganda is completed

2020.09.07 //

Aware that water is an indispensable element for life and for the development of any society and more so in Africa, the Barceló Foundation has just completed the construction of 35 new water wells in Uganda, one of the six African countries in which the Majorcan entity is currently developing the Farmasol projects.

These 35 wells, which cost 265.000 euros, are located in Lukka, a province divided into eight subcounties and which has an area of 650 km2 and a population of 260.900 inhabitants.

“The main purpose of these water wells is none other than to supply clean water for consumption and hygiene to the beneficiary populations and thus avoid the most common diseases in the area caused by drinking contaminated water, such as cholera, typhoid or dysentery,” explains Amelia Fornés, project manager of the Barceló Foundation, while adding that the fact of having chosen to make the 35 wells in the same area responds to the objective of being able to know more easily the effects they generate in the population, as well as facilitating economies of scale and achieving synergy effects.

The construction of these 35 wells in Lukka is part of an ambitious project that the Barceló Foundation has begun in Uganda, through which over the next few years it will be building other wells in order to guarantee such a basic and necessary good as water.