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The reform of the Maralal orphanage in Kenya ends

2019.08.08 //

The Foundation, together with Africa Digna Foundation, has funded the rehabilitation of the center to ensure the care, education and safety of 70 vulnerable children.

The Maralal orphanage opened its doors in the eighties, for accommodating children with physical or mental disabilities abandoned by their parents. Since its inception the center had not been reformed, therefore, it was in poor habitability conditions. In fact, in the rainy season many rooms were flooded due to the bad condition of the roofs.

Thanks to our Foundation, which has contributed more than 60% of the total project budget, the bedrooms, washbasins, walls and roofs have been renovated and new furniture for the orphanage (beds, tables and cabinets) has been acquired.

In this way, the 70 children will have a decent space to sleep, eat and play, and at the same time, a favorable environment for their development.