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Barceló Foundation, with the Telephone of Hope

2020.09.10 //

On the occasion of the International Day for the Prevention of Suicidal Behavior, Antonio Monjo, managing director of the Barceló Foundation, has participated in the presentation of the report that year after year makes the Phone of Hope, one of the beneficiaries of the call for Social Projects Mallorca of the foundation.

“In 2019, 1.153 people called in the Balearic Islands and in the first half of this year another 1.058 asked for help. Almost double the number of calls received in the same period last year, which were 576,” explain the heads of the association, in addition to noting that the confinement has been an element of stress for many people, but also very protective of suicide for others.

As for calls with specific suicidal themes, in 2019 requests for help were received from 40 people and in the first half of this 2020, from 24.

“Suicide is an issue that affects all ages and it is striking that 46% of callers are between 39 and 45 years old. It is important to do preventive work at these ages, as well as among young people and adolescents, because the number of calls we receive from this sector of the population to the Telephone of Hope is significant, despite the existence of a telephone for the child,” they point out.

In addition to the presentation of its annual report, the Telephone of Hope has presented the campaign “I give you a comma, so that you can continue writing your story”, with which they want to send a positive message of hope to society, and to show that no vital crisis, however tragic it may seem, is permanent.

For four years the Barceló Foundation has supported the work of the Telephone of Hope in the Balearic Islands, a support that Antonio Monjo wanted to reaffirm with his presence at the event presented by Antonia Torres, president of the entity in the Balearic Islands and Lino Salas, volunteer and spokesman for the association.