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Barceló Foundation will build 37 new water wells in Uganda

2021.03.22 //

In coincidence with World Water Day, the Barceló Foundation has announced the new construction of 37 water wells in 37 rural communities in Buyende (Uganda). Thus, after building 46 wells in Africa last year -39 in the region of Lukka (Uganda) and seven in Turkana (Kenya), in this 2021 it will continue working on one of the main objectives of its International Cooperation work: to contribute to improving the quality of life and health of the most disadvantaged people.

“Water is an indispensable element for life and for the development of any society. Currently, 297,000 children under the age of five die every year due to diseases caused by the lack of drinking water,” argue the Barceló Foundation’s Project Area, while pointing out that 71% of the burden of water collection falls on women and girls, who must walk for hours to get water and transport it to their homes.


Watel Wells Campaign

The announcement of this major new well project is accompanied by a fundraising campaign entitled “Fighting the lack of drinking water”, which aims to raise funds to make it possible for such a basic and necessary resource to reach some of the poorest areas of Uganda.

“With 6.000 euros we built a water well, which will directly benefit around 400 people,” the Barceló Foundation says.

People who want to join this campaign to fight against the lack of drinking water, can make a donation to the cause (BBVA: ES65 0182 4899 1800 1070 6712). They can also collaborate by getting one of the solidarity watercolors artworks donated by Patricia Cebrián (Valencia, 1978), a self-taught artist based in Mallorca.

“It is a limited collection, in which Patricia Cebrián has captured the water wells project carried out last year in Uganda and Kenya, where the strength of African women in their daily struggle to get ahead is perfectly reflected,” says the foundation.

Anyone interested in purchasing any of the watercolors may do so by sending an email to

World Water Day 2021

World Water Day has been celebrated every March 22 for the past 28 years to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the so called liquid gold, essential for the life of living beings.

Although it is a limited and indispensable resource for life, it is not within everyone’s reach. Although it is a fundamental right, millions of people in the world do not have access to drinking water and sanitary infrastructures, which leads to the development of life-threatening diseases.

Given that water resources are very limited (in some parts of the world almost inaccessible) it is important to seek sustainable solutions for access to drinking water and sanitation.

Aware of this, the Barceló Foundation has developed numerous actions and projects. In 2020 alone, almost 307.000 euros were invested in the construction of the 46 wells mentioned above in Uganda and Kenya, which currently benefit more than 43.000 people.

26.000 was invested in the construction of toilets, latrines, a shower and a septic tank at the Meketel kindergarten (Mandura, Ethiopia); and the installation of three water tanks, as well as the piping and construction of a septic tank and four toilets in Uganda. These two projects have benefited 9.560 people.

“The pandemic we are living through worldwide has once again highlighted the importance of hygiene in the transmission of diseases. An apparently simple measure such as hand washing is not simple in places where there is no water or sanitation systems. And this daily gesture saves lives every day, since hand washing is an essential measure for the prevention and spread of infections such as COVID-19, Ebola or other infectious diseases”, emphasize the Barceló Foundation’s Project Area, adding that, despite this, almost three billion people in the world do not have the means to wash their hands.