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Barceló Foundation gives continuity to Farmasol Haro Wato project (Ethiopia)

2021.01.08 //

Barceló Foundation has renewed the Farmasol Project in Haro Wato (Ethiopia), which it has been financing since 2015 and through which it offers a supply of medication and the necessary materials for the operation of one of the reference health centers in the Sidamo area. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, it includes the purchase of all the necessary material for the prevention of the virus in the area.

“This health center is located in a mountain area and its patients have a very rural profile. From there, the Comboni Sisters develop a very important and effective work, which is not only limited to the supply of medication, but also has services such as maternity care, vaccination and health education, among others,” explains Amelia Fornés, project technician of the Barceló Foundation.

Thus, through the Haro Wato Farmasol project, in 2020 alone more than 19.000 patients received the prescribed medication, nearly 1.000 children were vaccinated and more than 600 women received care and training during pregnancy.

“Taking advantage of Sister Marisa’s agility with new technologies, a specific management program has also been designed, through which each medicine that leaves the warehouse and enters the pharmacy is controlled, which has favored stock control and improved ordering, thus saving money and preventing the medicine from expiring,” details Amelia.

Although at the beginning of the pandemic it was feared that being such a mountain and difficult to access area (it is almost 3.000 meters above sea level) there could be a high incidence of Covid-19, fortunately this has not been the case, although from the health center they continue to treat cases of cardiorespiratory diseases in children that were already frequent before the outbreak of the virus.