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Barceló Foundation improves the facilities of the New Dawn kindergarten

2021.03.31 //

Barceló Foundation has defrayed the costs of improving the New Dawn kindergarten in Madura (Ethiopia), a project through which several toilets and a septic tank have been built in this center, managed by the Comboni Sisters.

“One of the main objectives of the school is to inculcate hygiene routines, such as hand and face washing, to contribute to the prevention of diseases caused by lack of hygiene, such as typhoid, typhoid and scabies. For us it is essential to raise awareness so that, as adults, they are aware of the importance of maintaining proper hygiene and promote the construction and use of latrines in their own homes,” says the Barceló Foundation.

The direct beneficiaries of this initiative, which complements the Farmasol Project, are the 88 students and the four teachers of the kindergarten, as well as 500 families living in the school’s surroundings.

“Initially, we had approved a budget for a kitchen and toilets in the nursery, but finally the kitchen was discarded, and the money was allocated entirely to the construction of a septic tank, four latrines, a sink for girls, four latrines and a sink for boys, and a latrine, a shower and a sink for the teachers at the school,” explained the Barceló Foundation’s Projects Area. Due to the outbreak of the pandemic, the construction work was delayed for six months and there was a slight increase in costs.

It should be noted that the Barceló Foundation has been collaborating since 2016 with the Comboni Sisters, present for three decades in Metekel (Mandura), one of the most depressed and marginalized areas of Ethiopia, where 87% of its population belongs to the Gumuz ethnic group, a tribe that until recently lived in a marginalized situation.

“As a local partner, its work focuses on managing a clinic, a kindergarten, a school, various social, pastoral and agricultural programs, etc, in addition to carrying out education programs for women,” the Projects Area explains.

In 2017 the Barceló Foundation initiated the first project in this area and through the Farmasol project supplied medicines to the health center. This first collaboration allowed us to identify other needs in this community, which has led to the development in recent years of projects as important as the construction of a maternity area, the hiring of a local midwife or scholarships for more than 400 children in Early Childhood and Primary Education at the New Dawn School.

In addition, a social center has been built for young people in the area, oxen have been purchased to help agricultural development during the planting season, reforestation has been promoted in one of the mission’s neighboring communities, and support has been provided to the reinsertion program for prisoners in the local jail sailing handicrafts.

“With these initiatives we have improved the quality of life of about 20.000 people. And in this 2021 our goal is to continue working along the same lines and expand our actions with the aim of continuing the work started four years ago,” concluded the Barceló Foundation.