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Barceló Foundation and Concordia Foundation join forces

2019.05.10 //

The Barceló Foundation finances the operation of the Santa Rosa de Lima nursery in the Dominican Republic, which houses 40 children of divorced mothers, abandoned or repudiated by their families.

The neighborhood of Manganagua, where the beneficiary families of the project reside, is composed of 51% of women, who become pregnant very young and, therefore, cannot be trained or find a decent job because they must take care of their children and take care of domestic chores.

In 2014, because the state did not cover the education in the preschool area, the Concordia Foundation built and equipped the nursery to provide families with a training space for children 0-6 years, who are offered the services of basic education, food, early stimulation, health and family education.

In this way, mothers (especially teenagers and single mothers) can leave their children in the center for a few hours and resume their academic and / or professional studies or access a job.

With a contribution of almost 5,000 euros, the Foundation will cover the cost of materials and food to try to increase the number of students in the nursery and beneficiary families.