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2021.04.22 //

A new Company joins as a collaborator of the Donation and Distribution of Food of our Foundation.


The meat wholesaler Company HERMANAS BUADES has donated 99 kg of meat. This important donation, added to the 1.194 kg bought by the Foundation, has been distributed among 6 of the 18 entities that collaborate in the weekly distribution of food that we started in 2013, the year in which the Alisol Project (Solidarity Food) began to offer a varied and balanced diet to those people who come to the various associations in Mallorca, which attend people in vulnerable situation.  


The donated products include beef stew, chicken thighs, whole chickens and pork loin belts. These donations will make it possible to prepare appetizing menus for the users of the dining rooms and residences where they will be served during the next week.


From the Foundation we thank to HERMANAS BUADES for this generous donation