This week we would like to pay tribute again to our local partners, who make the projects possible.

Today we dedicate this post to the CBIDO organization, in charge of Farmasol Tanzania and the vocational training school for girls with disabilities.

Its director, Flourian Protase, is characterized by his capacity for work and his optimism.

CBIDO is an organization that has workers in each village, not only looking for cases to help, but also serving as a bridge between the village and the organization.
They have a magnificent structure that is sustained thanks to teamwork. Once a week they meet at the offices to share experiences and knowledge about the beneficiaries and the villages.

They also have a team of psychologists, physiotherapists, teachers for special needs and nutritionists, who are in charge of helping both the children, who are the beneficiaries, and their parents.

On the other hand, there are also several points where the vocational training school teaches its classes. Some girls learn to make clothing such as dresses, pants, and shirts in traditional African fabrics. Other girls learn to make footwear, such as sandals and shoes, which they sell to schools as part of the uniform.

It is a project that creates hope because although it may seem small, it generates great development opportunities for the beneficiaries and their families.

For this 2023, new projects have been approved with this same organization.

It is because of their wonderful work and sacrifice that we dedicate today’s news to CBIDO