In today’s news we will jump to Ethiopia, to dedicate a thank you to the Comboni missionaries. We have been working with them since 2016.

The Comboni missionaries are usually experts in their area, such as nurses or teachers, which is why we work with them in health centers and schools.

They are people with a lot of heart and fighting spirit. They have remained faithful to their work and their kindness, despite the difficult situations they have experienced, such as wars, conflicts and attention to seas of refugees.

It is worth highlighting the work of three of the sisters: Sister Nives, the person in charge of Farmasol Mandura. Sister Vicenta, responsible for social projects in Mandura. Finally, Sister Marisa, the person in charge of Farmasol Haro Wato.

We always appreciate your hard work, sacrifice and dedication. We also hope to continue counting on them for many more years.