We want to dedicate a day to each of our local partners. It is thanks to their effort and dedication that our projects work and allow us to guarantee the transparency for which we work at the Barceló Foundation.

Today we dedicate our thanks to the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate congregation, with whom we have been working since 2015 with the start of Farmasol in Padibe, Uganda. Today we have 6 health projects with them, 5 of which are Farmasol.

The sisters of this congregation are characterized by their austerity, their kindness, empathy and especially their ability to work.

Sister Liberata Amito is in charge of Farmasol Gulu and Omoro at the Mother Angioletta health center. In addition, she is in charge of supervising the congregation's projects in northern Uganda and directs agricultural activities of women's savings groups.

It is an honor to work with these women who go out of their way to improve the situation of the most disadvantaged.