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Nursery in Kenya

2020.09.28 //

This year, Barceló Foundation have approved the construction of a nursery in Nangolesinyan (Kenya), which will serve to 50 children between 0 and 5 years old and will also employ a total of 14 people, including workers, teachers and kitchen staff. An initiative that will indirectly reach up to 250 beneficiaries. The project -promoted by the Calor y Café Association-, has a cost of more than 30.000 euros that has been paid almost entirely by our Foundation (27.000 euros).

“Our idea is to serve all families in the community, creating a space where children between 2 and 5 years old have guaranteed two meals a day (breakfast and lunch), as well as a school schedule where they are stimulated and prepared for their subsequent insertion into the official education system,” says the NGO.

In addition, they will work with families to diagnose, prevent and attend aspects related to health and endemic diseases, in addition to carrying out health education work with preventive talks, as well as facilitating the continuation of studies in secondary schools and young people from the communities.

For this, they have their counterpart in the African country, Friends of Calore & Café, the Congregation of Comboni Missionary Sisters and the dispensary team of Amakuriat, located 22 km from the community and financed by the Farmasol project of the Barceló Foundation.

“The nursery will serve to the close villages of Nangolesinyan, which belong to West Pokot province. The main beneficiaries are the ethnic communities of the Pokot and the Turkana, as well as small groups from other communities,” said the Grenadine NGO.

Construction work on this new educational infrastructure began last April and was completed in July.

Calor y Café

Calor y Café is an NGO from Granada declared of Public Utility since 2007. It was registered as such in 2004, after more than a decade of work by a group of people who, moved by the situation of homeless people or those at risk of exclusion, began to intervene, in a personal capacity, in different neighbourhoods of Granada.

From then until now, the association has been growing in number of projects and actions as well as the number of volunteers and members. Currently Calor y Café is a reference association not only in Granada, but also in Amakuriat in the northwest of Kenya, bordering Southern Sudan and Uganda.

In Kenya he has been working since 1995 with the aim of creating and implementing an extensive network of services of all kinds and health, education, food and water infrastructures, benefiting thousands of people from more than 30 communities in one of the most impoverished areas of Kenya and the world.