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Jeannine Cook donates a painting to the Barceló Foundation

2017.10.17 //

After recently exhibiting her work “Intimacies” at the headquarters of the Barceló Foundation, the artist has donated one of the 58 works, as a sign of appreciation.

It is a gold and silver drawing entitled “Thinking of Miró 3”, made in 2017,of metal tip,  which goes to swell the Foundation’s artistic fund.

Tanzanian by birth, of European heritage and of British-American nationality, Jeannine Cook is among a very restricted group of artists who dedicate themselves to the gleaming metal-tipped technique, a very old way of drawing in silver, gold and other metals with stylet. According to the artist herself, “their lines, refined but discreet but full of light represent the counterpart of our world full of technicolor”.

The work of Jeannine Cook is found in many public and private collections in the United States and in Europe, and has received various awards and distinctions such as the Juror’s Choice Award, from the Arc Gallery in San Francisco.