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The Capella Mallorquina enthusiasms in Sant Salvador (Felanitx)

2019.05.28 //

Last Saturday the Mallorcan Choir offered its traditional concert in tribute to the Mother of God of San Salvador, in Felanitx, with a great public success.

This concert, which has been celebrating continuously since 1999 for free, it is one of the obligatory appointments for the public of the region, which this year refilled the sanctuary and enthusiastically applauded the Capella´s performance.

The Choir prepared a program where it demonstrated its great versatility, interpreting varied works of different eras and musical styles. All of this was accompanied on the piano by Alicia Moreno and directed by Jose María Moreno.

In the first part of the concert, focused on sacred music, the Basque Our Father called “Aita Gurea”, composed by Francisco de Medina, with the solo of Cristina Van Roy. It was the first time that the Choir offered this composition, very emotive and it was applauded by the audience.

The musical piece “Lacrimosa” belonging to Verdi’s “Requiem” was then offered, with the collaboration of the soloists Gerónimo Seib, José Martínez and Montse Isern.

To close this first part, a selection of Choir fragments of Vivaldi’s “Gloria” was sung, the most prestigious work of the Italian composer.

In the second part, dedicated to the Opera and the Zarzuela, the Capella sang for the first time in its history “Patria Oppressa”, belonging to “Macbeth”, one of the most important choirs of Verdi. This interpretation was very dramatic and nuanced and caused a great impact among the audience.

The romance “Hungarian Song” of the Zarzuela “Soul of God” counted with the voice of the Argentine tenor Gerónimo Seib, who has joined this season to the Capella.

To close the concert, they sang “El Barberillo de Lavapiés” of Asenjo Barberi and the “Pasacalles” of “El año pasado por agua” of Chueca, cheerful and festive music very applauded by the people, and “forced” to the Capella to offer two encores and the audience responded with a long ovation.