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The School “Comets of Hope” wins a new award

2020.02.04 //

For third time, the Dominican Government awards the Grand Prize for Quality and Excellence to the school center funded for more than 10 years by our Organization.

In 2006, Barcelo Foundation and Comets of Hope Foundation started “Kids Diver Project” to eradicate the child exploitation in the Rafey dump.

Since then, the center of integral education located in the neighborhood of La Mosca, annually houses 400 nursery, primary and secondary students and has repeatedly been considered one of the best educational centers in the entire Dominican Republic. In 2017 they received the Gold Award at the awards in the province of Santiago, in 2019 the Gold Medal and this 2020 repeat as the best school nationwide.

This new reconsignment by Ministry of Public Administration, has been considered as a public school now a days as national level. Oscar Faes, the President of Comets of Hope Foundation and Andrea Suero, the school principal, were responsible for collecting the prize.

From the Barcelo Foundation we want to send you our sincere congratulations for all the work done and the successes achieved.