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The Serranía Technical Hotel School achieves strong support Dominican Government

2019.08.20 //

The vocational training centre, with which our Foundation collaborates, will receive the necessary institutional support to ensure the training of women with limited resources in Santo Domingo.

The Serranía Hotel Technical School, located in the rural area of Jaraboca, was opened in 2014 with the aim of facilitating access to employment for vulnerable people, especially women, through training and professional training.

For six years, the Foundation grants educational scholarships to young people in the Sabana Yegua area who, after two years of study and internships, they get five technical qualifications that helps them to access the labour market with more options (Culinary technician, Bakery technician, Pastry technician, Technical at Hotel reception and restaurant and Technical services in housekeeper and housekeeping). The amount provided by the Foundation covers the concepts of registration, books and tools, as well as the expenses of housing, transportation, food and medicines of young fellows.

After a hard evaluation process, the Professional Technical Training Institute in the Dominican Republic (INFOTEP), has enabled the school as a Operative System Center (COS). Thanks for this accreditation, from now on the project will receive annual funding from the Dominican State to teach the training courses.

Arelis Peralta, Francisca Jiménez, Ámbar Candelier y Yessica Bastista, are four of this young fellows for the Foundation and all of them were inserted successfully in the labour market, in the area of tourism and hospitality.