Noticias y Exposiciones

“African” exhibition is moved at The Center for Military History and Culture in Palma

2020.01.24 //

The photographic exhibition of the Foundation, which shows the role of women in the African continent, will be exhibited this 2020 at The Center for Military History and Culture of the Balearic Islands.

During next March, specifically form the 18th to the 28th, this will be the new headquarters that will receive the traveling exhibition.

“African” it is composed of a total of 41 colour photographs reflecting how women, mainly from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Chad (countries where Barceló Foundation has cooperation projects), with its strength, its resistance, its courage and solidarity make it possible that it is impossible, as they lead change in the areas where they reside for both the members and the family they are in their care.

From Barceló Foundation, we appreciated to Ministry of Defense to transfer their space and his collaboration with the project.