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The Barceló Foundation hosts the exhibition “Fashion and Dance”

2014.03.21 //

From March 11th  ntil April 12th , 2014, the Barceló Foundation hosts the ‘Fashion and Dance’ exhibition.

Sport-dance is a sport that has been practiced in our region for nearly 20 years. Along with ice skating and synchronized swimming this is a sport with a major artistic component.

Despite being a little-known discipline, it is a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and Sports Council. Although it is a sport practiced worldwide, most federations are located in Europe and Asia.

The costumes of this sport have their origin in the ballrooms of England, being inspired in the clothing that ladies and gentlemen use to wear at social events.

We consider that the costumes worn in the practice of this sport deserve an exhibition because of their glamour, opulence and exuberance, which bring strength and security to dancers when executing their dance before the judges.

Many art museums of the most cosmopolitan Capitals of the world have opened their doors to exhibitions relating to fashion. In Mallorca there has never been and exhibition related to fashion in sport-dance, a discipline in which dresses, tuxedos, shoes, accessories, etc. are commonly used.

As it does with “fashion”, the fashions worn for sport-dance  changes every year;  sometimes it can be as an explosion of color and light, with a wide variety of materials,  and sometimes, simplicity and sobriety rule within the collections.

England and Italy stand out as countries with the best firms of design and manufacture of this type of clothing.

In Spain, we are currently beginning to glimpse the first steps of young designers in this field. Among them, we find Quique Fortea, who has become our highest and best exponent.