Noticias y Exposiciones

The Barceló Foundation hosts the exhibition ‘Mallorca DigitArt’ by artist Gil Miró

2013.09.16 //

From September 17th to  October 19th , 2013, the Barceló Foundation hosts the exhibition ‘Mallorca DigitArt’, by artist Gil Miró.

In this exhibition, digital art, digital photography and digital illustration merge in a context of graphic creativity. The exhibition shows special corners of the Island of Mallorca from another perspective and with different textures, trying to bring new sensations that invite visitors to discover the poetry, beauty and magic of this island.

Gil Miró, is developing as a visual artist, rooting his pioneering creativity in the world of advertising, graphic design and illustration. It is precisely in the digital realm where he develops his technique and creates his personal style, directing them towards artistic production and a new way of doing and understanding art.

The Digital Art, in its graphical aspect, has spent decades establishing itself as a generational and artistic shift in all the capitals of Art but still, for many, is an unknown style.

DigitArt Mallorca is part of the collections of DigitArt by Gil Miró, and it is displayed at our headquarters in Palma, at C/San Jaume.