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The Barceló Foundation celebrates the annual monitoring commission for Maria Vich’s donation

2020.02.14 //

Since 1996 when the artist made her first donation to our entity, every year we inform to the members of the monitoring committee about the activities and exhibitions carried out to make known to the public her donated work.

Yesterday’s meeting was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Felanitx’s City Council, Xisco Duarte; the head of Sa Nostra Foundation, Lucía Martín; the artist member of the Reial Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sant Sebastià, Ñaco Fabré; the artist María Vich and her nephew Sebastià Vives; and from the Barceló Foundation attends the President, Maria Antonia Barceló; the Managing Director, Antoni Monjo and the Art Manager, Pilar Pujol.

The main reason to deal with was the new donation that the artist has done to the Barceló Foundation this year 2020, which consists of 352 new paintings with different techniques (watercolors, drawings, oils, etc.) that increase the donation of the artist to 701 art works. From here we want to highlight Maria Vich’s selfless gesture and reiterate our sincere thanks.

In addition, Pilar Pujol also explained to the attendees, the main activities carried out during 2019, both at the headquarters in Palma as in the Center of Art and Culture of Felanitx, like the exhibition “Childhood memories” or “Portraits with soul”.

Finally, this year 2020 we planned to change the main exhibition of the painter in our Center of Art and Culture in Felanitx, for the visitors to discover the wide range of techniques and themes that covered her work, as well to collaborate with other institutions, such as the Felanitx City Council or the Sa Nostra Foundation, interested in spread the donated work of María Vich.