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Barceló Foundation celebrates its 30th anniversary

2019.10.24 //

On October 24th, 1989, it was created by the Barceló Oliver family, so today it celebrates its 30 years since its birth.

With an initial endowment of 500 million of the old pesetas, Barceló Foundation was registered in the Registry of the Protectorate of Foundations of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Government of Spain. This budget was subsequently increasing by family donations and currently it has its own resources in the area of more than 32 million euros.

Its headquarter are located in Saint James Street in Palma of Majorca, in an historic building (Marqués de Reguer-Rullán’s House), which was declared of Cultural Interest in 1992.

Throughout these 30 years the Foundation has rigorously fulfilled its objective of contributing to the human, economic and social development of the most needy people, primarily in the poorest countries of Africa and Latin America, in health, education and integral development issues, and to the improvement of society as a whole. The figures speak for themselves: 41 million euros invested, 1,200 projects carried out in 33 different countries and more than 2 million 300 thousand beneficiaries.

From here we want to thank all the members of our governing bodies (Board, Advisory Council and Executive Committee) for their understanding and help in these 30 years and to all the local partners who have collaborated with us in the countries receiving our humanitarian aid. We also appreciate the donations of individuals and institutions who bet on our daily work towards the most disadvantaged.

We then follow our path with the will of both continuity and improvement, since unfortunately there are still many needs that remain in our world.