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The Barceló Foundation collaborates with the NGO Volunteers for Mallorca

2015.04.07 //

The mallorcan institution has signed an agreement to fund an educational project at the school Toni Real Vicens, in the village of “El Milagro” in Huanchaco (Perú).

The program’s goal is to provide the school the necessary technical equipment for vocational training workshops in construction, carpentry, cooking, sewing and organic gardens. Such equipment is valued at 6.000€ which, according to the collaboration agreement, will be provided entirely by the Barceló Foundation. Meanwhile, Voluntaris per Mallorca’s committed will be to provide qualified staff for the development of these workshops in the school runned by las Hermanas Franciscanas Hijas de la Misericordia.

The project implementation period is 9 months, three academic quarters, and is expected to benefit about 100 students approximately.

The signing was attended by Luisa Alemany, president of Voluntaris per Mallorca; Elejondo Sabino, one of the volunteers of the institution, and Rafael Torra, Barceló Foundation’s C.E.O.