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The Barceló Foundation commemorates The Nutrition Day

2020.05.28 //

Aware that food is essential for people’s survival and good health, the Majorcan entity finances 14 day care centers in Turkana (Kenya) to palliate more than 1.500 children’s malnutrition.

Apachi is orphan and we met him when he was 6 years old. In one of the mobile clinic’s visits organized by the Barceló Foundation we detected his malnutrition problema and referred him to one of the 14 nurseries in the Kaaleng area, which we financed in Kenya. In addition to guaranteeing the correct nutrition of Apachi and 1.500 other children, they are also provided with education through the work of local teachers and assistants. Today, Apachi has managed to overcome his illness and is in a boarding school in perfect health conditions.

More than 73.000 children in Kenya are in the same situation as Apachi; only in Turkana every year malnutrition acute rates increase almost fourfold, from 2.3 per cent to 8.3 per cent. The hardness of the climate (drought reigns 99% during the year) makes it difficult to produce food which, together with the lack of water, is lethal for most of the inhabitants health, leading to the contraction of diseases and malnutrition.

Aware of this situation, in 2008 the Barceló Foundation started a project together with the Mensa Domini Sisters and the Marianitas Sisters to subsidise the maintenance costs of 5 day care centers in Kaaleng and thus offer a plate of food each day to 400 children. Afterwards, the project was extended to 9 more centers, reaching the 14 existing nowadays and the 1.500 beneficiaries.

With the implementation of this project, the most serious cases of child malnutrition have diminished and thanks to several complementary projects of construction of water wells and installation of greenhouses, also financed by our Foundation, the families have been able to produce fruits and vegetables and thus enrich the diet of all their members.