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The Barceló Foundation among the most transparent

2013.09.21 //

The Barceló Foundation currently ranks third among the Family Foundations in Spain, in terms of transparency. This emerges from the report, ‘Building Trust 2012. Promoting transparency of the Spanish Foundations on the web’, Fundación Compromiso y Transparencia, now in its fourth edition.

This report, which assesses the transparency on the website of the 50 most important corporate Foundations and 25 Family Foundations of Spain, shows a general lack of information still existing in the most critical areas: such as economic information, governing body and achievements.

While the Barceló Foundation annually publishes on its website in its Annual Report comprehensive information on its governing body, activities and economic information, the report of the Commitment and Transparency Foundation notes that only 29% of corporate Foundations, and 21 % of Family Foundations provide financial information on their websites; however, it states that these percentages represent an significant improvement in this area, for it has increased in the case of corporate foundations from 3% in 2009, to 13% in 2010, reaching 19% last year. In the case of Family Foundations the publication of financial information went from 4% to 15% in 2010-2011, reaching 21% in 2012.