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The Barceló Foundation finances the purchase of livestock in Haiti

2019.07.17 //

The objective of the project is to strengthen agriculture and livestock, prevent rural exodus, reduce hunger and increase the purchasing power of more than 1,000 Haitians.

The initiative, which we have carried out with the Unité des Jenues de Marin (UJM), has consisted in the acquisition of 50 cows of improved breed to obtain higher income for peasant families and the struggle for autonomy in the community of Marín , one of the poorest and most disadvantaged in Haiti where 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. In this way, we are providing a livelihood to the more than 400 beneficiaries of the project and ensuring their proper nutrition.

Equally with the Congregation Petits Frères, we have bought 80 cows and 4 bulls in the rural community of Beausëjour, located in western Haiti, where 65% of households live in a precarious situation. Through this initiative 80 peasant families in the area, or what is the same, 600 people can increase their purchasing power and improve their living conditions.

With the benefits obtained, families have become committed to schooling their children, as more than 45% of children, do not attend school. Therefore, in addition to promoting the integral development of the community, the project will also reduce illiteracy rates considerably.