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The Barceló Foundation opens “Views from the soul” by Miguel Aguilar

2020.03.11 //

Yesterday the opening ceremony of the new exhibition of commemorative painting, organized by our Foundation, took place in homage to the Valencian painter Miguel Aguilar.

The exhibition, consists of 45 artworks, commemorates the artistic career of the Valencian painter who lived in Mallorca and who, according to his family, created from the soul, from the look of his soul.

Miguel Aguilar and Villalonga (1936-2018) studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Aldaya with masters such as José Constant, José Ruiz Ferrandiz and Ramón Rives but at the age of 30 he moved to Mallorca. He always showed a special inclination for the landscape and for capturing the marinas and villages of the interior of the island, recreating himself in the light, the colour, the forms and the rhythms. But he also went through a stage in his career characterised by the hyperrealism of fruit and still life, a reflection of his training as a miniaturist.

The artist exhibited in Valencia, Mallorca, Catalonia and New York and won several awards such as the first prize in the International Painting Competition of the city of Felanitx, the Gold Medal of the Fine Arts Circle of Palma of Mallorca or the Medal of Honor of the Estrada Saladich Foundation of Barcelona.

The event was attended by the vice-president of the Barceló Foundation, Antonia Barceló; its managing director, Toni Monjo; the painter’s children and widow; and the exhibition curator, Pilar Pujol.

Nowadays, the exhibition is closed according to health recommendations ordered by the Spanish authorities.