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The Barceló Foundation presents “35 ans après”, by Monique Amy Girard

2013.08.22 //

From August 23rd  to December 1st , the Centre of Art and Culture of Felanitx, run by the Barceló Foundation, hosts the exhibition “35 ans après” by painter Monique Amy Girard.

Girard’s work has been widely reviewed by the critics; with comments such as the following:

Mascaro Pasrius:

“Monique is an artist who both draws and paints; when she models or sculpts, she reveals a fine sensitivity and an enviable ability to capture the spirit, and the soul of things or people. Monique could pass the test of any quality control of art, with all ease and dignity.

Cesáreo Rodríguez-Aguilera:

“The work of Monique Girard, could fit in that long post-impressionist chapter that gives primacy to light and to color in freedom. But also, at the same time, in a lyrical expressionism, full of tenderness towards beings and objects, not forgetting the value of the material qualities. There is an intimacy in the atmosphere of this painting which has an air of nostalgia”.

D. Ramis Caubet:

“For Monique, the emotion of a gesture remains the vital expression to which, thank God, she does not renounce. Thus a boat, a vessel or a portrait, captured by the eye and interpreted by the instantaneous brush of M. Girard, adopts a new physical essence, simpler, freer; in short, higher”.

Joan Carles Gomis:

“Although these little characters appearing in the work of Monique Girard’s, seem to drag certain objects, they have not been reprimanded by the gods, since there is nothing in their conduct susceptible of punishment. On the contrary, they all radiate a caring attitude that makes them immediately deserving of our trust”.

“That which is decisive, both in art and in all human works is the content”. HEGEL