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The Barceló Foundation distributes more than 24.000 kg of food to the most in need

2020.06.04 //

Since March, 14 when the state of alarm was decreed by the COVID-19, the Foundation has delivered every week fresh food to 13 charities in Majorca.

In the last three months, through the ALISOL project (Solidarity Foods Programme), 24.241 kg of fruit and vegetables have been distributed to the different associations on the island to enrich the most in need’ diet, who are undoubtedly the ones who feel the effects of the crisis the most.

In addition, we have also made a donation of 117 kg of fish, another of 1.000 kg of pre-cooked bread and one of 1.200 kg of meat to the entities that have a soup kitchen, to ensure that families without resources, especially the youngest, enjoy a rich and nutritious diet.

The donation of products from the ALISOL project is made every thursday in the warehouse that the Foundation owns in Mercapalma, complying with all the protection measures required: use of mask, gloves and minimum safety distance of 2 meters. Those who do not have their own vehicle receive it at their own headquarters.

We would like to thank the invaluable collaboration of our partner companies that make the Food Solidarity Project possible: Agroilla, Asaja Balears, Berlys, Discagran, Esplet, Fruitabona, OP MallorcaMar, Quely and Rubiato Paredes. Without them, we would not be able to cover all the existing demand.

Since January 2020 the Barceló Foundation has already distributed more than 53.000 kg of fresh food to charities in Majorca and expects to reach 175.150 kg by the end of the year to benefit more than 6.655 people.