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Mallorca Integra Foundation restarts its face-to-face attention

2020.05.25 //

Upon entering phase 1 of the desescalation of COVID19, the entity physically resumes its “Fly” orientation and insertion’s job program, financed by our Foundation, for young people in vulnerable situations.

The aim of the project is to facilitate the labour inclusion of young people in the process of emancipation, coming from centers for the protection of minors, in order to achieve their economic independence and, as a consequence, their personal autonomy. Two of the 17 users of the service obtained a job before the state of alarm was declared, but their contract has been stopped due to the confinement dictated by the Spanish authorities and nowadays they haven’t been able yet to return to work.

Mallorca Integra was then forced to adapt its intervention to the routes available during the running of the bulls. Therefore, a personalized follow-up of the users was carried out by e-mail or telephone and also external job offers and interesting distance courses were sent to improve their transversal competences. At the same time, they contacted the companies that sent them job offers to find out about their situation due to the COVID19 and possible future job opportunities.

This break has shown us that most of our users don’t have electronic resources to look for a job, therefore, these two months have done little to find it“, assures Cati Miralles, Fly Program’s technician from Mallorca Integra Foundation.

For this reason, last Monday 18, it resumed its face-to-face advisory service at its headquarters, located on Francesc Suau 13, although with the essential requirement of making a previous appointment. In addition, thanks to our Foundation’s grant, they have bought a computer and created three practical guides on job searches to facilitate the whole process for their beneficiaries: how to introduce yourself to a company and make a good first impression; how to face-to-face the job search process and make the most of your resources and how to prepare for a job interview and leave with a good feeling.

This is one of the 36 social projects in Mallorca that the Barceló Foundation has decided to support this 2020, granting it a subsidy of 5.000 euros. It’s important to say that this is the first year that they join our grants project because it’s a relatively young non-profit organization, started in 2018.

Now more than ever, we want to show our support for the work carried out by this and the other 35 entities that benefit from our social aid, by continuing to work alongside the most vulnerable, who are undoubtedly those who suffer most from the consequences of this pandemic.