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The painter María Vich donates 49 works to the Barceló Foundation

2020.10.16 //

The Majorcan painter Maria Vich has made a donation of 49 works to the Barceló Foundation, which will go to enlarge the pictorial collection donated by the artist, which is permanently exhibited in the rooms of the Centre d’Art i Cultura de Felanitx.

Thus, the headquarters of the Barceló Foundation hosted the ceremony of this new donation, signed by Sebastián Vives, representing the painter, and María Antonia Barceló, president of the Barceló Foundation. Along with them, have also been Antonio Monjo and Pilar Pujol, managing director and head of Art of the entity Majorcan, respectively.

“From the Barceló Foundation we want to thank María Vich for her important donation of paintings, whose artistic value is unquestionable. A legacy that we will take care to preserve and disseminate among future generations, from the Art and Culture Center of the artist’s hometown, Felanitx,” said the president María Antonia Barceló.

Among the almost fifty works donated by the painter, the series of “Meninas, knights and princesses” stand out for their naive style, as well as other creations that recreate the artist’s usual themes, such as landscapes, still lifes or drawings of Majorcan peasants.

We must remember that María Vich, a native of Felanitx and friend of the Barceló family, already made a first donation of 218 works of art to the Barceló Foundation in 1996. A pictorial collection that over the years has been expanded with other donations and after this last one will consist of 750 paintings.