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The Agrosol and Alisol project are fully operational

2020.04.16 //

This month of March the Barceló Foundation has started to prepare the crops in the Barceló Foundation estate, which it owns in Felanitx (Majorca) to have products for the summer.

More concretely, all the outdoor crops (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, zucchinis, watermelons, etc) have been planted following the cultivated of integrated agricultura, that is, sustinable and environmentally friendly production.

All the products resulting from the AGROSOL Project (Solidarity Agriculture) such as fruits, vegetables and tubers are distributed to several social canteens on the island, to enrich the dieto f the most needy. It is expected that this year, 170 tons of high quality produce can be delivered to 13 charitable associations on the island such as Es Refugi, Tardor Association, Ebenezer Maranata or the Little Sisters of the Poor or what is the same to 6.500 people who are in real need.

Thanks to the donation of the ALISOL project, we serve more than 20.000 dishes a year to 150 users of our shelter, who see their diet enriched with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish” – assures Toni Cañellas, manager of the Es Refugi Association “Nutrition is undoubtedly an important part of their social and labour integration process, so we will be eternally grateful to the Barceló Foundation“.

After the summer, two training courses are also planned on the Felanitx estate: a “dry wall” course to teach one of the most ancient building techniques on the island and an agricultural training course for all those interested in entering agricultural production.

Meanwhile, in Formentor we continue with extensive sheep farming, where we hope to obtain about 650 kg of lamb meat and we will continue to count on the collaboration of Discagran, Rubiato Paredes and other collaborators to be able to deliver meat and fish to the neediest people of Majorca on a weekly.