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Fight against Child Labor in Ecuador

2020.03.24 //

Barceló Foundation and UBECI join their forces to eradicate child exploitation in the markets of Quito, the country’s capital.

More than 40% of children in Ecuador live under the poverty line and are forced to help their partents with forced labor. For this reason, the UBECI Association, under the slogan “Every vulnerable child deserves a future”, fights to reduce the overexploitation and working hours of all these children and teenagers whom live in risk situations.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement signed between both parties, the Foundation will finance the rental costs of the UBECI Center, which serves 25 children between the ages of 4 and 12, where they are given workshops on school support, family integration, promotion of gender equality and cultural lessons, as well as the purchase of furniture such as tables, boards and chairs for the group of students.

The aim of these playful workshops for worker children is to develop their imagination and creativity, to promote their personal values and to strengthen discipline, self-control and cooperation.

UBECI will also carry out complementary campaigns with the families of these children, to explain the importance of education in the future of their children, as well as to help them improve their social and emotional situation.