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Fight against malnutrition in Madagascar

2020.07.14 //

The Barceló Foundation and Agua de Coco Foundation finance a nutrition center for 40 mothers and 80 disadvantaged children in Ankalika.

Located in the southwest of Madagascar, this is the poorest neighborhood in the district of Tuléar. It is estimated that 80% of the population lives below the poverty line, and more than half are chronically malnourished (this is the fourth highest rate worldwide).

For this reason, Agua de Coco Foundation opened the Tanambao Nutritional Center, to improve the serious health situation suffered by 40 women without resources, 10 of them pregnant, and 80 children between 5 months and 5 years.

All of them are moderately or severely malnourished, so they give them one meal a day, usually based on rice with moringa, a supplement rich in vitamin and calcium, which comes from their own plantation. Also, we made a personalized follow up of the height and weight of each one of the beneficiaries to see the progress during their stay in the center.

Thanks to the contribution of the Barceló Foundation, which amounts to 20.000 euros, the mothers also receive workshops in literacy, mathematics, elementary accounting, basic medicine and an introductory course in French.

The project pretends to be an integral help to the people, it means, to solve the health and malnutrition problems that affect each one of them, but also to provide access to education and thus promote the women and children wrights.