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Magatzem Verd donates a van to the Barceló Foundation to collaborate on the “Food Solidarity”project

2013.12.04 //

Thanks to this initiative over 2,300 people will receive up to 2,000 kg of fresh food a week.

We have taken the opportunity of the presentation, to collect during the whole day non-perishable food that will be distributed with the van in the next food delivery.

Today, Tuesday December 3rd Magatzem Verd, member of the company Fronda, has donated a van to the Barceló Foundation so that they, in collaboration with the NGO “Mallorca Sense Fam”, can carry out the project “Solidarity Food”, better known as Alisol.

The event, which has taken place at 6:00 pm at the premises of Magatzem Verd, has been attended, among others, by the General Director of Trade and Companies of the “Govern de les Illes Balears” (Balearic Islands Government), Lourdes Cardona; the President of Fronda, Camilo Pérez Pereira; the president and vice president of the Barceló Foundation, Antonia Barceló Tous and Gabriel Barceló Oliver;  the President of “Mallorca sense Fam”, Josep Pere Batle, and AFEDECO’s president, Pau Bellinfante.

With the aim of motivating people, a free Christmas concert by the groups “Sons de Mallorca” and “Cor de Cambra Musicantes de Mallorca” has been organized at 6:30 pm.

According to the president of the Barceló Foundation, Antonia Barceló Tous, “the Alisol project allows the Foundation to distribute weekly about 2,000 kg of fresh food to several entities in Mallorca, which in turn give them away to over 2,300 people in need”.

The donation of this van by Magaztem Verd, explains, “will allow us to optimize the delivery of food, which will reach its recipients much quicker and in very good condition”.

The fact that this initiative takes place just now, she concludes, “will be a great help to many needy families in Mallorca, especially during this Christmas season and, above all, will help them meet their nutritional needs, which normally increase during the winter”.

During this event, Camilo Pereira spoke of his place, expressed his complete satisfaction  for being able to participate in such a praiseworthy initiative.

Pere Batle and Gabriel Barceló expressed their heartfelt thanks, on behalf of the Mallorca Sense Fam and the Barceló Foundation, and briefly outlined the main objectives of the Alisol project, which with the help of the van, will be so much more amply fulfilled.