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Secure Maternity in Ethiopia

2020.11.03 //

For the fourth consecutive year, the Barceló Foundation is financing the maternity ward at the Zizencho health center in Ethiopia. A project that guarantees free prenatal care to women in the area, in addition to covering the costs of childbirth.

“Every year more than a thousand women give birth and more than 1.000 babies are born healthy thanks to this safe motherhood program,” explains Amelia Fornés, project manager of Barcelo Foundation, while detailing that they have a complete file on each of the mothers who give birth at the health center.

In order to develop the project, the Barceló Foundation has the Bethany Sisters as its local partner and contributes the 9.500 euros it costs to carry it out. This amount is used to buy all the food, medication and treatments needed during the mothers’ stay at the health center.

“The Bethany Sisters are Indian sister nurses and midwives, who do an impeccable job, thanks to their dedication and professionalism. From the Barceló Foundation we are very peaceful and satisfied with their work and we fully trust them as managers,” argues Fornés.

The maternity program at the Zizencho Health Center is part of the Farmasol project, an initiative launched in 2015 by the Barceló Foundation with the aim of improving health conditions in some of the most impoverished countries in Africa. Farmasol projects are currently present in six countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Central African Republic and Southern Sudan.