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Improving food health and nutrition in Haiti

2020.02.18 //

The Barceló Foundation and OJUCAH sign a collaboration agreement to strengthen the economy of 400 rural disadvantaged families in the Jacmel Valley.

Located in the southeast of the country, more specifically in the Lavial Region, is one of the poorest communities in the country. It is estimated that 80 % of its 36.000 inhabitants live below the poverty line, on less than a dollar a day. And they also face a serve economic crisis as the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Andrew in 2016 destroyed their main source of income: agriculture and livestock.

Faced with this situation, OJUCAH has been carrying out projects for more than 20 years in the field of health, education and the environment to improve the living conditions of Haitians, such as medical clinics to guarantee access to health care for the disadvantaged population or educational grants to encourage the schooling of the youngest.

In this case, they have designed a program of production and planting of cashew seedlings, to take advantage of the fertility of the area and to proliferate the cultivated food. The Barceló Foundation has financed the purchase of the seeds, as well as the tools necessary for their cultivation (wheelbarrows, watering cans, compost, etc.) while OJUCAH has been in charge of training local residents and introducing new agricultural technologies to improve the cultivable area.

The results of the project have been immediate: decrease in famine, nutritional improvement of the beneficiary families, introduction of new products and marketing networks and increase in family income. As a result of this increase in their purchasing power, the farmers will also be able to send their children to school and consequently reduce the country’s illiteracy rates.