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Microcredits for training in Nicaragua

2021.05.07 //

The collaboration between our Foundation and the Association for the Promotion of the Development of Nicaragua (AFODENIC) began in 2004.

After 17 years of close collaboration in the development of various microcredit initiatives, we continue in 2021 with the project for the creation of an Industrial Technical Training Center in the field of cabinetmaking, in the city of Juigalpa Chontales, as a tool for the insertion into the labor market of young people in the region.

The program of studies is composed of 4 intensive courses for 6 months each, with a total duration of 1,256 academic hours per year. Each workshop has 10 students who have the option of taking the workshop during the day or at night.

During the training, its 80 students will specialize according to their choice in carpentry, lathe, carving and painting, and at the end they will be able to have their training accredited by the National Technological Institute (INATEC).

Whereas there are no Technical Training Centers in Chontales, this training is essential for the labor market insertion of students in the area.

It is a project that counts with the collaboration of several organizations such as the National Forestry Institute (INAFOR), which provides the wood as raw material for the project.

This social project in the field of technical education is an innovative project in the department of Chontales, thus setting an example for the development of other educational centers by private initiative and contributes to reducing the migration of the young population, in addition to ensure the economic sustainability of the families.