In 1995 and with the aim of providing free medical and health care to the most needy and unassisted populations in Latin American countries, the Barceló Foundation created the International Medical Aid Program (AMI).

Gonzalo Barreiro was one of the first volunteers of our Foundation, more specifically he has collaborated in Nicaragua since 1998 uninterruptedly until 2020, year in which after 22 years, this collaboration was paralysed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During these years, Gonzalo has been dedicated to collecting, inventorying, packaging and distributing around 800 kg of medical material per year, valued at more than 38,000 €, destined to supply the different health centers in the area with which the Foundation collaborates (San Rafael del Sur, Masachapa and Managua).

During the two months of the campaign, the laboratory technician attended more than 2.000 patients, performed more than 6.000 examinations, as well as carrying out his teaching activity for the training of local staff and coordinating the collaboration of other professional volunteers such as the dentist Dr. Idania Escobar,

From the Foundation we would like to thank and acknowledge their generous collaboration and excellent work that has allowed us to train the staff of the Health Centers for the benefit of the communities in need on a permanent basis.