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2021.08.18 //

We have just contacted Father Lozama, head of the Petits Frères de Sainte Thérèse Congregation, to know how they are doing after the earthquake of 14 August.

We have been working with them since 2018. This year, we are developing a food security project that aims to increase the income of families living in poverty through the purchase of livestock.

Agriculture and livestock are the only economic activities for the population. Farmers do not have enough income to feed their families since 80 % of the population lives below the poverty line on less than one dollar a day.

In the community of Beaséjour, livestock farming is the most profitable economic activity as it allows for short/medium term profits. Only families with the economic opportunities to raise livestock, apart from farming, can feed and educate their children.

We have distributed 11 cows to 11 families who have been able to improve their food and economic situation thanks to the savings and profits they have made.

The Petits Frères de Sainte Thérèse Congregation has been working in this area for more than 20 years, taking care of the health and nutrition of the peasants and continuously thinking about how to improve their living conditions, an objective it shares with our Foundation.

From the Foundation, we will continue to follow the evolution of the consequences of the earthquake, supporting the development of projects to improve the situation of the affected population.