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New mobile clinic in Kenya

2020.04.28 //

In addition to the mobile clinic in Kaikor, the Barceló Foundation starts another project in the Turkana district to try to alleviate 800 children and elderly people’s malnutrition.

The area of Turkana, located in the north of the country, has one of the highest rates of malnutrition in the whole African continent. The lack of health facilities in the area means that life expectancy is only 47 years and infant mortality rate is very high.

For this reason, the Foundation has organised with the Mensa Domini Sisters (a congregation that works in the area), a new mobile clinic with the aim of monitoring the nutritional status of children and the elderly people in order to improve their living conditions.

A team of several health professionals will visit the villages on a regular basis and will also follow up with pregnant women, vaccinate children and treat malaria, snake bites and other common diseases.

Due to the good functioning of the mobile clinic and the situation of the surrounding populations, the Foundation has extended the projects’ budget to cover five more communities, thus reaching more than 1.500 beneficiaries.