Noticias y Exposiciones


2021.09.20 //

We are launching new equipment for the workers and volunteers of the projects we carry out in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Mallorca.

Among the equipment, there are the donations received by the Occidental Menorca Hotel to which we have embroidered our logo, as well as the light blue polo shirts that maintain the original logo of the Foundation on the front, whilst the back shows an image of intertwined hands from which hang, like bracelets, the profiles of Africa and Mallorca. This design was not random, as it has a deep meaning for us, which is none other than to capture in an image the raison d’être of our work, from our headquarters in Mallorca to Africa, thus linking our solidarity actions.

We hope you like the new clothing for the Foundation’s team for this new season, as much as it has been well received by the workers and volunteers, who have received it with great enthusiasm. This equipment for doctors, nurses, engineers, volunteers and other professionals who help us every day, is a way of getting closer to those who, from a distance, collaborate to fulfil our objectives of helping where it is most needed.

The new polo shirts that shown our collaborators have been designed by @patriciacebrianilustrando, who once again has collaborated with the Foundation, as well as she did it with the donation of 6 watercolour illustrations about our projects, which are on sale on our website.