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New maternal and child center in Burkina Faso

2020.02.12 //

Barceló Foundation and Religious Foundation for Health building the sanitary center San José to attend 110 women and 110 children from Fada N’gourma.

Located at 219 km of the Yuagadougou Capital, the city has 186.000 inhabitants which don’t have either water or electricity. They live in mud huts with unsanitary conditions, which have negatives results in health. Means of transport are scare, making difficult for its inhabitants to move to health centers or hospitals from the area.

In this situation, Religious Foundation for Health, which its about to ensure the access to more disadvantaged, believed that was necessary build a health center in the area.

Barceló Foundation, which has provided more than 80% of the budget to the project, has financed the contract with the builder, the purchase of materials and works to up the center, which will be managed by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny, whom have been working in the country since 2012, caring for children and vulnerable women.

Missionaries will offer prenatal, post-natal and childbirth control to pregnant women and their newborns to try to reduce the high infant mortality rate in the country.