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Eight beneficiaries of Madagascar’s Women’s Comprehensive Care Center get a job

2021.02.15 //

Eight women beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Care Center for Women (CAIF) in Madagascar -a project supported by the Barceló Foundation- have obtained employment at the Association of Women for the Development of the Anakalika Neighborhood of Tulear (AFEDEQUAN) in the African country.

As explained from the Coconut Water Foundation, the local partner with which the Barceló Foundation works, AFEDEQUAN has been created with the aim of promoting the social and economic development of women through handicrafts, protecting the environment and facilitating access to education for girls.

“Under these premises, the association has developed two employability workshops for the women who finish their stay at CAIF. In these workshops, the women are dedicated to making reusable cloth sanitary napkins and making jewelry from recycled material beads, and this is where the eight women hired will work. Thanks to this work, they will be able to improve their quality of life and that of their families”, emphasize the Coconut Water Foundation.

Center for Integral Attention to Women

In May 2019, Barceló Foundation and Coconut Water Foundation signed the collaboration agreement through which the Majorcan entity undertook to support and provide financial assistance to improve the nutritional and educational care of 35 mothers and 80 minors of the Center for Comprehensive Care for Women (CAIF) in Anakalika, where they work to respond to maternal and child malnutrition, access to education and labor insertion.

The year-long initiative ended with a remarkable result: 80% of the direct beneficiaries have improved their health situation and reduced their malnutrition rate. In addition, eight out of ten pregnant women and mothers of infants have been able to receive iron, folic acid and vitamin supplements.

It should be noted that thanks to this collaboration between the two foundations, it has also been possible to develop various training activities, such as literacy, mathematics, basic accounting, French, soap-making workshops, recycling of plastic bags, family economy management, talks on hygiene habits and environmental protection and educational activities for the children served.