Amelia Fornés, our Project Manager, knows the African reality very well, not only for have lived and worked for more than 10 years on the African continent.


Since 2015 she has created, managed and directed the projects of the Barceló Foundation in Africa and currently, despite the difficulties, she has just arrived from Turkana, Kenya where, among other projects, the “AGUAY+” project is being developed.


In spite of the many trips he has made in this area, this one has been especially shocking, not only because of the harsh conditions of working in this area but also because of the drought situation, which highlights the basic needs suffered by the communities in the area.


Turkana is a semi-arid area inhabited mainly by semi-nomadic pastoralists who live subject to the survival of their livestock, their livelihood and bartering currency. Currently, as part of the climate change they are constantly suffering, they are experiencing one of the most severe droughts in the world, which is pitting neighbouring populations against each other for control of the few water reservoirs in the area.


Amelia comments how during her stay she received visits from representatives of neighbouring communities who, after walking for hours or even days, asked for help to be able to have water in their village. Such is their need that they offer their most precious asset (goats) as a guarantee of their commitment.


Considering that she has been working in the area since 2016, Amelia is already known as “Ngakipi” (water in Turkana language), in reference to the water wells.


The Barceló Foundation has been developing projects related to water for more than 20 years, and in 2020 began its own “AGUAY+” water and sanitation project in Uganda and Kenya, later expanding to Burkina Faso.


As part of the “AGUAY+” project, 86 wells have been drilled and by 2022 the figure of 125 wells located in schools, communities, agricultural land, etc. will be reached. This initiative also includes the installation of a water network, as well as various latrine projects and irrigation systems with solar panels, benefiting more than 60.000 people.


Although substantial progress has been made in expanding access to drinking water and sanitation, there are millions of people (mainly in rural areas) who still lack these basic services, from the Barceló Foundation we will continue working to change this reality.


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