The “Resonancias de talento” project is one of the initiatives carried out by the Balearic Islands Youth Orchestra (JOIB), which we subsidise through the Social Projects that we develop in Mallorca.

This action consists of providing quality musical training to 300 pupils at the infant and primary school (CEIP, in Son Canals, located in the Pere Garau neighbourhood of Palma). These young people are of great cultural diversity and are at risk of social exclusion, with great difficulty in accessing the offer of these musical activities.
The project also includes the monitoring of pupils with special abilities to facilitate their development in Municipal Schools, in the Conservatory of Palma or in the JOIB itself through the “Crescendo String Orchestra” (OCC) made up of pupils participating in the project who wish to do so.
This has marked a before and after in the project, generating very solid social links between pupils, teachers, families, the school, JOIB musicians, pupils from other schools and also with other cultural associations in the Pere Garau neighbourhood, creating a “community” through musical training.