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Pact for education in Ivory Coast

2020.01.22 //

The Barceló Foundation and the Association for Social and Cultural Development (ASCD) financially support the Marahoué University Center, which attracts 500 university women from the capital.

The student collective of Abiyán is studying precariously due to frequent teacher strikes, classroom masses and student violence. In addition, women have many difficulties in accessing education, as priority is given to males in the family.

The Marahoué University Centre, located 10 minutes from the faculty and managed by ASCD offers an alternative to all these women, strengthening their skills as well as giving them better study conditions. Its main objective is to combat school drop-out scan and reduce gender inequalities in access to the education system.

For the third year, the Barceló Foundation finances the costs of maintenance of the center (water, electricity and gas) as well as the improvement of the facilities (roof repair, replacement of gates, etc.) This year, thanks to our support, reinforcement classes have been held for the careers of Law, Economic Sciences and Medicine and organized training modules in Anthropology, Human Rights, activities of social and spiritual solidarity.

According to the beneficiary families, the outcome of the project has been fascinating. Their daughters are now much more confident and empowered to be able to positively influence the future of the society from Ivory Coast.