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Education pact for Malawi

2020.06.16 //

The Barceló Foundation and the Candelaria Solidarity Foundation join forces and award 30 vocational training scholarships to 30 young orphans and albinos without resources in Mtendere.

Located in Southeast Africa, Malawi is the third poorest country in the world but one of the most populous in the continent, with more than 1 million orphans and thousands of albinos, one of the most vulnerable collectives.

In recent years, free access to primary education has caused an increase of school attendance’s rates but also an overcrowding of classrooms, because one class has currently more than 100 students. This, together with the fact that when they finish secondary school there is no tertiary level of training, means that most students are not prepared to enter the labour market.

For this reason, the Candelaria Solidarity Foundation (a Spanish NGO that has been working in the country for over 10 years) and the Barceló Foundation are collaborating on a scholarship programme so that these young people between 18 and 26 years have access to higher education and can successfully enter the world of work, because they are the future of their country.

The scholarship program takes place at Lilogwe Technical College in Mtendere, a rural area in the center of the country, under the supervision of the Teresian Sisters congregation which runs several education and health projects in Malawi. The project is based on two fundamental pillars: on one hand, the schooling of orphans without resources and, on the other hand, awareness of the rights of albinos, a group that is seriously discriminated in the country.

Hel Tomasi, 23 years old, is one of the beneficiaries of the project. He lost his family because of AIDS, so she always dream to study something related to raising the awareness of this disease, which is why most of the parents of these young people die. Thanks to the Barceló Foundation and the Candelaria Solidarity Foundation, nowadays Hel is currently taking a module on AIDS management in Lilogwe.

Jeremiath Jhanne, 20 years old, was born in Chule, a small village in Mtendere. Bicycles and motorcycles are two of the most common transports in Malawi, but the poor condition of the equipment ss makes it essential the existance of mechanics and repair shops. Jeremiath always knew that he would want to dedicate himself to helping his neighbors and at the same time get his family ahead. He is another of the beneficiaries of the project who is currently studying the three year auto mechanics module in Lilogwe.