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Integral education programme in Kenya

2020.08.05 //

The Barceló Foundation and the Emmaus Association grant 88 scholarships to children and young people without resources in the Tana River area.

Located in the southeast of Kenya, it’s one of the poorest areas of the country with approximately 40 thousand inhabitants. Since 2004 the Diocese of Garissa has been carrying out educational, health and environmental projects to help the local population and encourage the integral growth of disadvantaged children and young people.

In this case, they asked us for help and together we have grant 48 vulnerable children who attended primary school and another 40 secondary schools at Saint Joseph center. All of them passed the course and 9 of them completed secondary education and entered to the university.

Thanks to the contribution of our Foundation, which amounted to 34.500 USD, we have also improved the educational infrastructure which has been recognized by the country’s own Ministry of Education. Firstly, a tank of 10.000 liters and four drinking fountains have been built to ensure a safe water supply for all students and staff of the school and afterwards 32 latrines have been built, actions that will benefit more than 500 students.