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2021.11.15 //

Smiles for Luuka is a project that aims to promote equal access to quality education in Luuka, one of the poorest districts of Besoga, Uganda. Smiles for Luuka currently works in 4 schools and has 3.700 beneficiaries.

The Barceló Foundation, as part of its Farmasol project, has collaborated with PECA Women, a local team, in the fight for equal opportunities between boys and girls, and to achieve this we had to remedy one of the reasons that makes it difficult for girls to continue their studies, menstruation, since, with insufficient resources for menstrual hygiene, girls do not attend school during their period, causing them to drop out of school in the long run. Hence our decision to provide reusable sanitary pads, made from local materials by Ugandan women. A social worker spends special time teaching the girls how to use and store the pads hygienically.

We want that this project to benefit as many girls as possible and this is one of the most effective strategies to achieve this.