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Health promotion for AIDS patients in Uganda

2020.12.09 //

Barceló Foundation has launched a specific program at the Madre Angioleta health center to care for AIDS patients, providing them with personalized attention and continuous monitoring of the evolution of the disease. This initiative is part of the actions of the Farmasol project, which began in 2015 and is present in six African countries.

To this end, a specialized nurse has been hired, as well as a laboratory technician who is responsible for testing, monitoring and health education in those cases where the result is positive.

“This is a highly valued initiative by the local population in Omoro District, Northern Uganda, as it is a highly stigmatized disease. Despite the complicated times we are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic, HIV patients have continued with their treatment and health professionals have continued to care for their patients,” explains Amelia Fornés, project technician at Barceló Foundation.

In order to develop this project from about 370 benefited people, the Majorcan foundation is supported by the Sisters of Mary Immaculate local partner, a congregation with which they have been working for several years.

It should be noted that this program of care for patients with AIDS, is part of a bigger project that includes various actions in the health center of “Mother Angioletta”. Thus, in the first phase, the Barceló Foundation promoted the construction of a maternity ward with 20 beds. In the second phase, water was channelled from tanks previously acquired by the Foundation, which enabled the fitting out of four toilets.